Hi! I'm Scott...

I’d love to work with you to build a platform

for your brand and business that you will LOVE.

I’d love to help you get the most from your business!

So, who am I and where do I fit in?

I’m a local Dad and Husband.  I’ve been in the area since 2003 and my wife Hannah has been here forever.  We’ve got two awesome little boys, Jaxon and Cruz.

My family and I ride bikes and ski.  We love this area and spread our time between Mount Beauty and Falls Creek.

I am a Professional Engineer (BEng Mech and MSc Aero) and as an ex-Formula One Aerodynamicist I run a successful online business in a very narrow niche: race car aerodynamic design.  In building our business we’ve spent countless hours on research and testing to get to the current best practices that we use today.

I’d love for you to benefit from our experience and our passion for building businesses, online marketing and efficiency.  The results are only limited by your imagination and we’d love to be a part of this important step in your journey.

If you think we can help and you sound like a fit for us then we’d love to help you grow your business so please get in touch and we can chat!

Questions? Get in touch!