Online Courses

Teach your specialty.

We’ll build a platform to let you teach once and impact many times more!

The newest way to learn and engage!

A great asset to any business.  A new business model in fact!

Online Learning


A new way to learn – anywhere, anytime.

People all around the world want your expertise, but they might not want to pay for it.  They also are time-poor, and want to learn when it is convenient for them.  On a train, in the car, on the lounge in their PJs.  Now they have that freedom and the online learning industry is growing rapidly!

Quizzes and Projects


Test your students and yourself!

You can add quizzes, tests and projects to the course to make sure that your students are understanding the concepts and to cleverly reiterate the main points of particular lessons.  You’ll also find that little bit of extra clarity yourself as you put these questions and answers together!

Easy to use


Simple interface for you and your students.

Students can log in and pick up where they left off, they can go through the course at there on pace or you can “drip feed” the content to them, say a new module each day or week for example.  You can add as many modules as required and as many lessons in each module as you need, all from a great interface.

Really? I can use it for that?


Are you an expert in your field, do you always get asked the same thing and provide the same answers?  Then you can use an online course to get that information out there.  People all around the world want your expertise, but they might not want to pay for a one on one consultation.  For almost anything, you can leverage an online course to scale the price back and scale your reach up.  The effort is required upfront, but once it is there, it is there for life and you can continue to sell it over and over again

Have you come up with a system or a novel method for doing something and you want to teach people step by step?  It’s the only way to do this at any sort of realistic scale.  Combine an online course with Facebook marketing and you have a completely new business model to play with!

Would your business benefit from a better “onboarding” program, say for new employees or a refresher on policy for existing employees?  You could let them step through an online course introducing them to the company, its people, assets, policies, important information and other fun facts.

Could you streamline your health and safety programs and have a record of everyone who has completed them?

I think you get the drift.

You might not think an online course will not work for you, but trust me, it is at least worth exploring the possibility!

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